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This is a heavier mailbag than normal considering what many of us watched Monday involving Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Thanks for all your great and thoughtful questions, which, as usual, have been lightly edited for content.

Not really a 49ers-centric question, but how does an on-the-field incident like the one to Damar Hamlin affect players around the league? Does the team offer mental health services if players need to discuss something? — Scott H.

Yes, absolutely. The NFL and the 49ers have all sorts of support staff and resources available. In fact, the 49ers have an entire department, Player Engagement, designed to help players. Mental health has become a growing priority in recent years and the team is sensitive to the issue.

The 49ers had their own player tragedy in 2005 when rookie offensive lineman Thomas Herrion died of a heart attack after a preseason game in Denver. Herrion, 23, collapsed in the postgame locker room and team physicians, EMTs, even owner John York, a pathologist by trade, desperately tried to revive him.

The team’s Thomas Herrion Memorial Award is given at the end of every season to the young player who best exemplifies Herrion’s spirit.

How are Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch handling Damar Hamlin? Do the players want to return or do they feel they are being disrespectful? I’m the most shook I have ever been in watching football. I will watch again as I was always aware of this risk but I’m in prayer and am anxious. How are the 49ers? — Bill B.

Thanks for this question, Bill. I’m certain there are many fans who feel exactly like you do. Shanahan and Lynch have been very good about reaching out to, and being available for, players in previous seasons. I’m sure that was the case on Tuesday, a day off for everyone on the football side of the organization. Lynch and Shanahan have a network with which they can communicate with players. That certainly was tapped during the COVID-19 season two years ago. It’s something they could utilize this week as well.

What/who is your best comp for Brock Purdy’s playing style, and can he sustain his level of performance/get even better? Cheers. — David N.

I couldn’t come up with anyone in my head, so I texted your question to former 49ers GM Scot McCloughan. His response: Colt McCoy.

And, yes, I think there’s plenty of room for him to get better. One “issue” that’s emerged is that Purdy sometimes doesn’t see open receivers. I can only imagine that’s something that’s only going to improve with experience.

Which of Purdy’s strengths do you think is most attributable to the increase in offensive production:  mobility/pocket awareness or ability/willingness to throw downfield? — Matt S.


Purdy is making me a believer, but how does this stretch compare with similar “Oh my goodness, we’ve got our QB for the next 10 years” starts of Jimmy Garoppolo and Colin Kaepernick? — Joe B.

Well, we’re still in the midst of Purdy Mania, so we’ll have to see how ravenous it gets. But right now I’d rank it behind Kap Mania and Jimmy Mania.

Remember, Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in his initial season as starter and he ran roughshod over the Packers — historically so — along the way. After the season, Ron Jaworski famously said: “I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.” That turned out to be hyperbole, but it gives you a sense of the mania at the time.

Garoppolo, meanwhile, won his first five games as 49ers starter and the Bay Area was swooning over him. It was as if the Beatles had arrived and Garoppolo parlayed those good vibrations into what was, at the time, the richest NFL contract ever.

If Garoppolo becomes healthy for the playoffs, do you see Shanahan pulling Purdy for Garoppolo? — Mateo G.

I think he’ll go with the “Hot Hand Philosophy” that Jim Harbaugh introduced in 2012: as long as Purdy is playing well and the 49ers are winning, he’ll be the guy. If he falters? WELCOME BACK, JIMMY! YOUR FOOT LOOKS GREAT!

Jimmy Garoppolo was injured in a Week 13 win over the Dolphins. (Sergio Estrada / USA Today)

I thought of a theory but want your opinion. If Garoppolo is healthy enough for the playoffs, do you think he would rather sit out instead of coming back and being the backup to Purdy, to keep his free agency value high? – Brian K.

I’m confident that Garoppolo badly wants to play again this season.

There was a story earlier in the season about the possibility of Garoppolo re-signing with the team next season. With Purdy’s emergence, this now seems highly unlikely. How do you see it? — Henry F-R.

I see it the way that most do: Purdy’s emergence likely means the 49ers have their top two quarterbacks for next season — Purdy and Trey Lance. Both are on their rookie contracts, which will allow the 49ers to take care of myriad other big-ticket items, starting with Nick Bosa’s contact.

As I’ve noted previously, there always seems to be some dramatic plot twist involving San Francisco quarterbacks, so we should probably brace ourselves for one or two — or 12 — more of those before free agency begins.

Do you think it’s likely this is the year Adam Peters leaves to be a GM or could the Niners do something that convinces him to stay even if he is offered that job somewhere else? — Jon S.

Luckily for the 49ers, there are always fewer GM openings than head-coaching openings, so I think the chances they retain Peters are good. To make sure he doesn’t go anywhere? Maybe the 49ers guarantee him the GM job when Lynch steps down. He’s from Cupertino. Maybe he’d go for that.

Should the Niners consider a switch at cornerback? Deommodore Lenoir benched and Janoris Jenkins in? — James F.

In my opinion, no. Jenkins got a chance to play in the Seahawks game and didn’t look very sharp. Sure, that could have been rust from sitting out most of the season. But he looked a lot like end-of-career guys Josh Norman and Dre Kirkpatrick did last season for the 49ers.

I’d continue to lean on Lenoir. He’s had a few bad games but he’s mostly been solid. He also seems to have a short memory. I expect him to bounce back from Sunday’s outing.

Why do you think Mooney Ward was not guarding Davante Adams full time Sunday? The only reason I can think of is to give Lenoir a chance to learn from the best as a way to help him grow before the playoffs. Why else would they not go strength versus strength? — Alex A.

That was my thought, too: instead of coddling Lenoir, they gave him a chance to grow. Put another way, the only way to build muscle is to tear muscle. (Wow, I could be a motivational speaker!) We’ll see what DeMeco Ryans says on Thursday.

In case of emergency, which CB would the 49ers use to replace Lenoir if needed? — Jed A.

There’s been a lot of jockeying for position when it comes to cornerback depth, but in recent weeks, Samuel Womack has been the next guy up at outside cornerback.

There’s been a lot of talk about a Vic Fangio return if Ryans leaves. This 49ers D really seems to feed off the energy of Ryans (and Robert Saleh before). I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen Fangio excited AND he typically isn’t on the sideline during games. How would that affect things? — Randy A.

You’re right. Fangio definitely takes a more cerebral approach and prefers to watch games from the coaches’ booth. But that hasn’t dulled the energy or the effectiveness of his units. Just think of how excellent his 2011 squad was. It allowed three rushing touchdowns all season and grabbed 23 interceptions.

And Fangio could get fiery, even from the coaches’ booth. He yanked Ahmad Brooks from a 2014 game against the Giants after the outside linebacker went into a rant on the sideline. Fangio radioed down and had defensive line coach Jim Tomsula remove Brooks from the game.

Finally, when you have defensive line coach Kris Kocurek and Fred Warner already on the sideline, you automatically have plenty of electricity.

Theory on Christian McCaffrey’s Pro Bowl snub ? — Michele C.

Theory: The coaches and players who voted merely used the rushing yards stats to make their votes. At the time, Saquon Barkley, Miles Sanders and Tony Pollard had more rushing yards than McCaffrey even though McCaffrey had more all-purpose yards — plus a passing touchdown! — than them. He’s overtaken Pollard in rushing yards since then.


49ers minutia minute: Examining Christian McCaffrey’s best game since the trade

Can we acknowledge that Fred Warner is not as good as people suggest? — Casey F.

He’s 6-4 with long legs. That’s an incredible asset in what has become a huge role for linebackers in the modern NFL — dropping into passing lanes and removing a swath of the field from the quarterback. It also means he’s not quite the nimble tackler that shorter, speedier linebackers — say, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman — are. In my opinion, Warner gets too high on some tackle attempts.

But that’s a mere quibble considering everything he brings from an emotional, intelligence and leadership standpoint. He’s also been remarkably durable.

Do you think the Niners will rest key players this week or keep the momentum rolling into the playoffs and go for No. 1 seed? — Kevin V.

I think they’ll go for the No. 1 seed. In fact, I think their plan is to get some key players — Deebo Samuel, Elijah Mitchell and Javon Kinlaw — a specific number of snaps so they are hitting the playoffs with the most momentum possible.

If the team has a healthy lead going into the fourth quarter, it might not make sense for McCaffrey or Bosa or Charvarius Ward to be in the game. I’d take them out at that point (and maybe tape them up in bubble wrap just to be doubly sure).

Are any favorites emerging for the Len Eshmont Award (for inspirational and courageous play)? Who would you give it to if you had to decide today? — Waly L.

That’s the 49ers’ highest honor, one voted on by the players for team MVP. I have to think that Bosa is the favorite. He’s an excellent defensive end obviously, but he’s also well-liked in the locker room.

I thought it was noteworthy that he was one of the players on the sideline prominently congratulating Jordan Mason after Mason’s first NFL touchdown. Defensive starters are usually on the bench during offensive possessions. Why should Bosa care if an undrafted rookie running back gets a touchdown in Week 17? Still, he was leading the hugs and congratulations for Mason.

I’ve also heard that Bosa is one of the players who have made an effort to make Jordan Willis feel comfortable. Willis, as many of you know, is extremely quiet and introverted. Bosa, whose locker is next to Willis’, has gone out of his way to make sure Willis doesn’t feel alienated. All of which to say, he’s been a good teammate as much as he has a good player.


49ers’ Jordan Willis can fetch comp pick, but seems more valuable than that

Is it possible for the 49ers to acquire DeForest Buckner in a trade this offseason? If so, what do you think they would have to send to make it happen? — Phani T.

Draft picks. The Colts obviously are (or should be) in rebuild mode. I think it would take a first-round pick — the 49ers won’t have one until 2024 — to get the conversation started.

I think the 49ers should concentrate their resources on finding a top-flight defensive end to play opposite Bosa.

(Top photo: Jeff Bottari / Getty Images)