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For the actor, see Alex (actor).
“Take my… Morpher. There’s four more at Time Force. It’s the only way you’ll ever stop Ransik. (…) You can. Promise me… you won’t stop… no matter what…until you capture him. Promise. (…) You and me…”
―Alex’s final words to Jen before his alleged death. “You can” is in reference to Jen saying that she couldn’t stop Ransik without him.

“We each make our own destiny. You taught me that!”
―Alex to Wes

Alex Drake is the original Time Force Red from the year 3000, he is also the temporary leader of the Time Force Rangers in Power Rangers Time Force.


In Trust and Triumph, Jen Scotts tells Wesley Collins that she met Alex while a rookie in Time Force. She was crumbling under the pressure and ready to give up and quit when she literally ran into Alex who took her under his wing. Alex helped her overcome the pressure and become the Time Force officer she is today while they fell in love. She also states that Alex is the one person she knew she could trust completely and vice versa.

Alex was the Red Ranger in the year 3000, who after “dying” becomes the pilot of the Time Shadow Megazord from a command system and can be believed to be the new commander of the Time Force because Captain Logan calls him “sir”. He was replaced by Wesley Collins when he was found to be a better leader (even though Jen, Time Force Pink, would be the leader after Alex’s death) and helped him by sending the Strata Cycle. Alex was engaged to Jen the Pink Time Force Ranger before being killed by Ransik.

Later on, during the series, due to a timeline shift as a result of ongoing conflict between the Time Force Rangers and Ransik’s forces in Silver Hills, Alex was found still alive. How Alex was still alive within the altered timestream was likely because of the future being altered, while it’s possible he learned the moment where the Rangers went back in time for Ransik has been recorded in history as well as Ransik’s reign of terror in the past has caused the Raimei Tank to be created (whilst it was never invented in the original timestream) made him create the Shadow Winger Zord to help the Rangers.

Upon his return, he immediately took over as Red Ranger, getting rid of Wes, telling him his destiny was to take-over Bio-Lab, after his father died the next day after being injured by Ransik during his and Severax’ raid on Bio-Lab. Alex started leading the Rangers into battle with by-the-book methods against Dragontron to no avail. He heavily criticizes the Rangers and his single-minded determination to destroy Frax’s siphon nearly kills the Rangers before Wes saves them. After being told off by Jen and the other Rangers and witnessing Wes destroy the siphon, he gives Wes back the Morpher and leaves. While the Rangers easily destroy Drangontron under Wes’ leadership (who, unlike Alex, is not questioned even when he doesn’t reveal his plans), Alex seems to change his attitude a bit, using future technology to save Mr. Collins rather than let him die. He returns to the future, apologizing for his actions and saying Wes changed his outlook on the future.

He later sends Wes the Strata Cycle after learning from Circuit that Jen is being harmed by Mr. Mechanau, entrusting her care to Wes since he can’t be there to save her himself. After the Rangers defeated Mechanau and Jen congratulated Wes, he turned away jealously, but was relieved that Jen was alright.

Later, he interferes with Circuit’s memory circuits when he tries to tell the Rangers the future, causing Circuit to lose confidence in himself during Serpicon’s plot to cause the Silver Hills Space Center to self-destruct until Alex contacts him and explains, saying the Rangers must not know the future.

When the city comes under threat from Doomtron, Alex sends the Time Ship back to pick up the Rangers because it will be too dangerous for them to stay. He also tells them that Wes has to stay in his timeline. He gets annoyed and anxious when they refuse to leave and pressures Jen to come back before being hung up. When they return, he takes them to have their memories of the past wiped (due to Time Force policy) and reveals Wes died saving the city. But as he was about to start the memory adaptation, Jen ultimately refuses to have her memories wiped and decides to go help Wes and so do the other Rangers. Alex refuses at first and not wanting to lose Jen, but she doesn’t care and tells him how can they live their lives that it cost Wes his life, and making Alex realized that not only did she admit she loves Wes more than him, but also surprised that she stood up to him. Having enough, she returns his ring to him, something that visibly hurts him. With no other choice, he lets her and the other Rangers take off. Finally, but sadly accepting her decision and staying strong, he advises them to use the Megazord in Jet Mode to reach the past instead of the Time Ship as the Megazord has the best chance of reaching the past and the vortex, to which she thanks him and nods back to her and wishing her good luck.


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Compared to his ancestor Wes, Alex is known to be very obsessed with his job by-the-book, and doesn’t like to break or bend rules or go outside the box. This is a weakness of his as shown with how he was unable to defeat Dragontron with the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue, one of the Rangers’ most powerful Megazords while Wes was able to win with the Time Force Megazord Mode Red, one of their most basic Megazords. This worsened with the fact where Alex also lacked the experience in working with his fellow Rangers as a team, something that his ancestor Wes is better at. That’s until Wes taught him at least some of the error of his ways however, as he saved Mr. Collins rather than letting him die as the future dictated.

Despite his attitude which is cold, even towards Jen at times, Alex clearly loves Jen and cared for his friend as much as the future. He was upset and jealous that Jen accidentally called him “Wes” and was looking through pictures of her with Wes. When the Rangers gang up on him, he sees Jen not standing up for him. He tells Wes as much when he sends him help from the future when he can’t be there himself. When Jen was devastated that Wes will die, he tried to comfort her, but she backed away. He was heartbroken and visibly hurt by Jen returning his engagement ring to him. However, he loves Jen enough to let her go and respect her decisions however much he doesn’t like them.

Ranger Costume

Powers and Abilities[]


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Appearances: TF Episodes 1, 29, 30

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Behind the Scenes[]


  • Alex is portrayed by Jason Faunt, who also portrays Wes in the same season.
  • As the Time Force Red Ranger, his suit actor was Hiroshi Maeda (前田 浩 Maeda Hiroshi) and his substitutes were Hiroo Minami (南博男 Minami Hiroo) and Hiro Koda. (And Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji) in Super Sentai footage from Timeranger).


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  • Alex was referenced in the team-up, “Reinforcements from the Future”, in Part 1 by the Mut-Org Rofang; when he is about to finish off Wes, he tells him in backwards, “You should have stayed in your own time, Ranger”, clearly mistaking him for Alex.
    • Additionally, a cut scene from Part 2 had Jen mentioning that she was under orders not to contact Wes, with the latter insisting that the orders came from Alex which Jen confirms.[1]
  • Documents and scripts for the show have shown Alex’s last name to be Drake.


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