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Brock Purdy, the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, is one of the four quarterbacks still standing in the NFL playoffs. Malik Willis, the Tennessee Titans’ third-round pick in the same draft, was barely the Titans’ third-best quarterback this season.

How does that happen?

The rise of Purdy, the San Francisco 49ers’ rookie phenom, lives in stark contrast against Titans rookie Malik Willis. Willis played in eight games in his first season, starting three. He threw three interceptions with no touchdowns, barely completed 50% of his passes, and posted a 42.8 passer rating. Purdy, meanwhile, is 7-0 as a starter, counting the playoffs. He’s thrown 16 touchdowns with four interceptions, completed 66% of his passes and his 108.0 passer rating is the NFL’s best.

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The good news for Titans fans is newly hired general manager Ran Carthon was part of the 49ers front office that evaluated and drafted Purdy as Mr. Irrelevant 2022. The bad news is Carthon doesn’t get to bring Purdy with him to Nashville.

But there are lessons to be learned from Purdy’s success, both for Willis and for the Titans as they enter a new era.

Comparing Brock Purdy and Malik Willis

Willis’ biggest issues were he held onto the ball too long and crumbled under pressure. According to Pro Football Focus, Willis took an average of 3.52 seconds between receiving the snap and throwing, the slowest in the NFL. When he was under pressure, that time increased to 4.42 seconds, the second-slowest rate in the league. As a result, Willis had an abysmal 13.3 passer rating under pressure. If a quarterback doesn’t complete a pass — whether he’s 0-for-20 or 0-for-50 and doesn’t throw an interception — his rating is 39.6.

Purdy has not had those issues. He’s remarkably poised under pressure; his 88.1 rating under pressure is the NFL’s fourth best. He is not especially quick getting rid of the ball (2.85 seconds per dropback), but he’s mastered play-action (131.7 rating, 7 TDs, one INT on 68 dropbacks) and is remarkably efficient finding receivers between 10 and 19 yards downfield, completing 80.4% of his midrange passes with a 122.4 passer rating.

These differences have as much to do with surrounding personnel as they do with Purdy and Willis’ skill levels. Purdy plays with the NFL’s best left tackle, a top-3 tight end, and two top-20 receivers. Willis played behind two of the NFL’s 10 worst tackles and, because of injury, he never completed a pass to rookie Treylon Burks, the Titans’ most reliable receiver.

It isn’t a revelation to say the team that’s won 12 in a row and is playing for an NFC Championship is more talented than the team that lost seven in a row to miss the playoffs, or that San Francisco was a better environment for a rookie QB to thrive than Tennessee this season. One interesting facet of Purdy’s emergence feels particularly pertinent to the Titans.

Brock Purdy is following Ryan Tannehill’s script

Purdy hasn’t only excelled in play-action. He’s also been a wizard throwing to the middle of the field. The archetype of a quarterback who thrives off play-action and loves throwing to the middle of the field should feel familiar. Purdy is following the same script Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill did in his best years.

If you put Purdy’s 2022 numbers side-by-side against Tannehill’s from 2020, it’s hard to tell a difference.

Stat Ryan Tannehill 2020 Brock Purdy 2022
Comp. % Over the Middle 76% 75%
Yards/Attempt Over the Middle 9.1 10.1
Passer Rating Over the Middle 144.4 112.9
Play-Action Comp. % 62.1% 67.7%
Play-Action Yards/Attempt 9.6 10.1
Play-Action Passer Rating 109.5 131.7
Comparing Ryan Tannehill’s 2020 stats with the Tennessee Titans to Brock Purdy’s 2022 stats with the San Francisco 49ers.

Purdy’s success isn’t mysterious. There’s a reason his numbers are so similar to Tannehill’s. Heck, there’s a reason his numbers are so similar to injured 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who posted a 110.8 rating over the middle and a 105.9 rating off play-action before breaking his foot.

It’s because former Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith realized what plenty of other smart football minds also realized in the last decade. Play-action works and throwing to the middle of the field is easier than to the sidelines. If you have a quarterback composed enough to do those two things well, you’ll win more downs than you lose.

Willis has the skills to turn should-be disasters into improvised triumphs. But Purdy plays in a quarterback-friendly system with Pro Bowl-caliber teammates in front of, behind, and beside him. Nine times out of 10, Purdy’s situation beats out Willis’ talent, especially when both of them are rookies.

Nick Suss is the Titans beat writer for The Tennessean. Contact Nick at nsuss@gannett.com. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicksuss.