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PHILADELPHIA — One image in the second quarter Sunday told a season-long story: On the 49ers’ sideline was Brock Purdy, his right elbow tucked against his stomach and protected by a black brace, and next to him was Trey Lance, his right foot in a plastic boot. A few feet away, Jimmy Garoppolo, still recovering from a broken foot, watched the action in a black warmup suit with a red stocking cap on his head.

The scene captured a year that was dominated by quarterback injuries, beginning with Garoppolo’s offseason-long recovery from shoulder surgery and ending — with a thud — with Purdy’s elbow injury, which occurred on the 49ers’ opening series when Eagles defensive end Haason Reddick slammed into the quarterback before he released the ball. At the time, Purdy thought the resulting play was an incompletion and that the 49ers would have a chance on third down. But he also immediately knew something was wrong and walked up to Kyle Shanahan.

“If we run a play, we can’t throw it deep,” he told his coach.

The 49ers gave no diagnosis after the game — Purdy will have an MRI on Monday — but ESPN reported he injured his ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow. If it’s ruptured, that could mean surgery and a months-long recovery. If it isn’t, his rehabilitation would last roughly six weeks and Purdy would be ready for the start of the team’s offseason program.

After the game, Purdy reported that the elbow was “extremely painful” and that there was swelling in his forearm near the joint. He said couldn’t throw the ball much more than 5 yards.

When it was time for the 49ers’ second offensive drive, backup Josh Johnson went in and was clearly overmatched by an Eagles defense that led the league with 70 sacks this season. His most costly mistake was fumbling a shotgun snap before the end of the half, then failing to pounce on it. The Eagles recovered at the 30-yard line and quickly converted the takeaway into a touchdown that made the score 21-7.

Before that sequence, the 49ers thought they could keep pace on the strength of their running game and by getting stops on defense. That sense was buoyed by a stirring, second-quarter touchdown run by Christian McCaffrey on which he broke a tackle attempt at the line of scrimmage, then muscled his way through three more Eagles defenders on the way to a 23-yard score. The 49ers’ sideline seemed to explode when McCaffrey crossed the goal line and made the score 7-7.

“There’s a reason why that team has a shot every single year, and I know why now,” McCaffrey said. “The fight that’s in the locker room is amazing. It’s unfortunate that it happened the way it did today.”

When Philadelphia went up by two touchdowns after Johnson’s fumble, however, the situation became more daunting. And when Johnson suffered a concussion on the first series of the second half — sending a wounded Purdy back into the game — a win and a trip to the Super Bowl became hopeless.


NFL title game takeaways: Mahomes is magic; Eagles look unstoppable, so who’s winning Super Bowl?

That was the overarching feeling in the visitors locker room after the game: That a supremely talented 49ers squad, one that had been on a 12-game winning streak and was confident it could topple the top-seeded Eagles, never had a realistic chance to prove it.

Shanahan said this year’s exit was more excruciating than last year’s NFC championship loss to the Rams or even the Super Bowl LIV defeat to the Chiefs.

“Yeah, this one was tough,” he said. “This one was harder. This one was a lot harder, I thought.”

Brock Purdy’s elbow injury left him unable to throw the ball more than 5 yards downfield. (Tim Nwachukwu / Getty Images)

Said George Kittle: “You’re down to two quarterbacks and neither one of them can throw and neither one of them is really available. It kind of limits what you can do as an offense, kind of limits our playbook to, like, 15 plays.”

After Kittle spoke, Nick Bosa stepped to the podium with a bloody bandage on the side of his right leg, the result of a bad-luck encounter on a punt play. Bosa wasn’t even playing at the time. He was on the sideline and waiting to enter the game on defense when he was cut down by a player who came tumbling out of bounds and dug a cleat into the side of his leg. Bosa never left the game, but he said the encounter highlighted the buzzard’s luck the 49ers encountered in Philadelphia.

“It was kind of a sign that it would be a rough day,” he said.

The play on which Purdy was injured will be scrutinized the most.

The Eagles use five defensive linemen on most snaps, and on this one tight end Tyler Kroft, who was inactive for the 49ers’ win over the Cowboys a week earlier, was charged with blocking Reddick, a second-team All-Pro selection this season. It was a play-action pass, one that takes time to develop and one on which Purdy was looking for receiver Brandon Aiyuk deep down the field. And by the time Purdy started to deliver his throw, Reddick had blown past Kroft and was bearing down on the quarterback.

“He was coming open and I thought it was going to be a big play,” Purdy said.

Reddick, however, knocked the ball loose before Purdy could initiate his throw, and after a video review ruled a fumble, the Eagles took possession at their 44-yard line. Asked if it was risky that Kroft was blocking Reddick, who had 16 sacks on the season, Shanahan noted that it’s a play both the 49ers and Eagles run regularly.

“It’s a tough block,” he said. “But all play actions are tight ends versus edge rushers. They had us on a number of those today, too.”

The rest of the contest underscored just how good Purdy had been since relieving Garoppolo in the first quarter of a Week 13 game against the Dolphins. Most teams’ seasons are effectively over when they have to turn to their primary backup. Purdy, the last pick in the draft, was San Francisco’s third option, and the team seemed to grow stronger when he got his chance. His pace and performance were excellent against Miami considering he’d seen little action to that point, and he completed 68 percent of his passes for 210 yards.

Johnson, who was signed shortly after Garoppolo’s injury, wasn’t nearly as sharp. He was sacked twice, was late on his throws and the 49ers committed three delay of game penalties during the roughly one half of play that he was the quarterback.

At one point, McCaffrey, who had thrown a touchdown in his first start with the 49ers in October, was seen conversing with Shanahan and the team’s quarterbacks. Shanahan said the 49ers were prepared to go with a McCaffrey-led wildcat offense at times in the second half but that they never had enough extended drives to truly implement it.

Purdy ended up playing most of the second half after Johnson left the game, but he attempted only two short throws. Shanahan said the rookie never lobbied for more opportunities.

“Because he kept throwing and realized he couldn’t,” he said. “So there was no real discussion after that. He couldn’t throw. Then when he (went back) in, we had to decide what he could throw, and there weren’t too many options.”

Purdy never played like a rookie during the season and after the game he didn’t speak like one. The 23-year-old quarterback said he’d heard over and over how hard it is to go deep into the playoffs and said he felt sad he couldn’t deliver for older 49ers like Trent Williams and Arik Armstead.


Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers mourn a special season that ended in emotional overload

“He has nothing to be sad about,” linebacker Fred Warner said. “He’s the reason we even got to this game. When Jimmy went down versus the Dolphins, we didn’t know what our season would be. He did a heck of a job. Him getting hurt and Josh getting hurt — we couldn’t do enough to find a way to win.”

Purdy’s injury sends the 49ers into the offseason with question marks at the most important position for the second straight season.

Heading into the game, the quarterback spot in 2023 seemed simple. Purdy, undefeated as the team’s starter, would continue in that role when spring practices commenced with Lance, likely being eased into form following a surgery and follow-up procedure on his injured ankle, in the backup role. Garoppolo, meanwhile, is on track to recover in full by the start of free agency, and the 49ers were expected to let him find a new home.

That may still end up being the plan, though Purdy’s elbow injury could end up complicating things just as Garoppolo’s shoulder injury — suffered in the opening round of last year’s playoffs — did in 2022.

What the 49ers know for certain is that their team, the most talented roster Shanahan has had since he took over in 2017, won’t look the way it did this season with Garoppolo, tackle Mike McGlinchey, kicker Robbie Gould and defensive back Jimmie Ward leading a long list of free agents. The 49ers also seem poised to lose defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, who reportedly is the Texans’ top choice to be their next head coach and who will have a second interview this week.

“I hadn’t thought about it up to this point because you think you’ll win it all,” Warner said when asked about losing Ryans. “Seeing him (after the game) was emotional, the first time it hit me that this was the last one with him. I owe everything to him. He’s the reason I’m here today. He’s fully deserving to be a head coach.

“It hit hard today, for sure.”

(Top photo of Brock Purdy and Kyle Shanahan: Matt Slocum / Associated Press)