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The San Francisco 49ers are facing a tough situation because of Elijah Mitchell’s injury. His absence means the Niners might have to over-rely on Christian McCaffrey in the backfield. That’s something they don’t want to do. As such, they need to find a new player to step in soon. Luckily, some NFL free-agent running backs could help out. In this article, we’ll look at four of these options: Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, Ezekiel Elliott, and Darrell Henderson. We’ll give you a quick introduction to each player and discuss why they could be a good choice for the 49ers.

What Happened in the 2022 Season

The San Francisco 49ers had a good year in the 2022 NFL season. They won 13 regular games, but things got tough when their first-to-third-string quarterbacks got hurt. They eventually had to rely on their fourth-string quarterback, Josh Johnson, for in the NFC Championship Game. Now, they’re looking ahead to the 2023 season. The 49ers have some important positions to figure out, like who will be their starting quarterback. Trey Lance and Brock Purdy are going to compete for that role. They also need new players to replace Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt, who left the team.

Elijah Mitchell’s Injury

Elijah Mitchell was supposed to be an important player for the 49ers this season, but he is currently suffering from an abductor strain injury. We don’t know how bad it is yet, but it’s clear that the 49ers need someone to take his place. Mitchell was supposed to be the main backup for McCaffrey, and his absence leaves a big gap in the team’s running back lineup.

1. Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott has made it to the Pro Bowl three times, and in 2016, he was one of the best players in the whole league. He’s good at running with the ball and breaking through defenders. He can also catch passes really well. Lately, he’s had some problems with staying healthy and playing well all the time. However, he’s still a good player who could help the 49ers. Right now, he is a free agent, and the Niners would do well to look into adding him.

2. Dalvin Cook

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Dalvin Cook is really good at being a running back. He’s been picked for the Pro Bowl four times, and in 2022, he was one of the very best running backs in the league. Cook is a flexible player who can run with the ball and catch it, too. He’s also good at stopping defenders from getting to his quarterback, and that’s important for the 49ers’ playing style. It would be awesome if Cook joined the 49ers. That said, it’s probably not going to happen given the kind of contract he’s looking for.

3. Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt has made it to the Pro Bowl, too. He’s been a helpful player for the Chiefs and Browns in the past. Like Cook, Hunt can run and catch, and he’s good at blocking as well. Right now, he just left Cleveland and is looking for a new home. He could be the perfect backup to CMC. However, we’re not sure if he’s at all interested to play second and potentially third-string once more.

4. Darrell Henderson

Darrell Henderson is a young player who’s done well in the few years he’s been in the NFL. Recall that helped the Rams win Super Bowl LVI. He can also run and catch, just like the other guys we’ve talked about. Henderson also excels at blocking, which the 49ers need. Unlike the other players on this list, though, Henderson has never put up more than 700 rushing yards in a season. He has also never been named to a Pro Bowl. On the flip side, that means he might come at a more team-friendly deal compared to the others.

What’s Coming Up

The 49ers’ 2023 NFL season is a bit uncertain because of Elijah Mitchell’s injury. He’s had problems with injuries before, and whether he can stay healthy is going to be really important for the team’s success. There’s also a big question about who will be the starting quarterback. Trey Lance, Brock Purdy, and Sam Darnold are going to compete for that job, and the 49ers want to figure it out before the season starts. They also have some tough games ahead. How Mitchell’s injury turns out and what happens with the quarterbacks will make a big difference in how the 49ers do this season.

Looking Forward

After Elijah Mitchell’s injury, the 49ers have a conundrum. However, some NFL free-agent running backs could help them. Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, Ezekiel Elliott, and Darrell Henderson are all good players who could do well for the 49ers. Cook and Elliott might be too pricey, but Hunt and Henderson might be feasible options in the future. The 49ers need to make a decision fast to find someone to replace Mitchell, but they have some choices to think about.