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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: GOP leader and former President Donald Trump, along with many of his allies, has been charged with multiple criminal offenses that were made towards changing the election loss of the Reds in the state of Georgia. 

Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, came down to ‘Fox & Friends’ to reveal details about the businessman’s fourth indictment and also shared what she thought of it. 

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In the conversation between the hosts and Habba, Steve Doocy was subtly attacked by the lawyer as he strayed away from being a loyal Trump supporter, per Mediaite.

Alina Habba calls the indictment mere conspiracy against Donald Trump 

Habba was asked to relay the events of the courtroom where the hearing against Trump was held and her impression of the case.

“There was a clerical error,” Habba stated. “I think there was a due process violation, I think the fact that they had the indictment prior to the grand jury voting on the indictment…,” she added, getting cut off by Brian Kilmeade.

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She then went on to state that the indictment was rushed and witnesses were called in early. When Kilmeade asked, “So they lied?” she affirmed her belief that they did.

She also pointed out that District Attorney Fani T Willis, who is closely working on the investigation, had her campaign website put up quite close to the release of the indictment. “That says it all,” Habba commented. 

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Alina Habba shares why she thinks that the fourth indictment is part of a conspiracy against Donald Trump (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Steve Doocy questions Alina Habba and gets attacked

Doocy has consistently been the odd one out on ‘Fox & Friends’ in all discourses related to the presidential elections and beyond.

The host seems to hold a different opinion on the former President and doesn’t let the opinions of his fellow hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade go without critical questioning. 

The same happened with Habba’s suggestion of a conspiracy when Doocy brought up the statements made by other legal analysts on the Georgia Indictment. 

“I’ve heard from a lot of legal analysts,” Doocy said, “and they say what is different about this case than the federal cases is Georgia has laws that are specifically tailored to election interference and things like that.”

Steve Doocy asked Alina Habba if the indictment, according to the Trump administration, could pose a serious threat to his future in the elections (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

He then brought up a specific column put up by a Fox News contributor. “Andy McCarthy, a Fox News contributor, and also, he wrote an op-ed in the New York Post. He said that the Georgia indictment is the most perilous threat to former President Trump. Does President Trump know that this is a perilous threat?”

“We do not agree that it is a perilous threat,” Habba started, adding, “Because we actually have inside information.” When she didn’t elaborate on it Doocy asked, “What inside information?”

“Well, the inside information, Steve,” Habba repeated to emphasize in an amused tone, “and, you know, you used to love Trump.” She pointed out the notable change in the opinion Doocy seems to have of the Republican leader. 

Doocy did not comment on her statement and Habba continued to question why Trump was brought under the Georgian indictment.

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