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Mackenzie Shirilla Car Accident Video On Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit & Youtube (Watch Full Video)

A Strongsville adolescent who was found guilty of murder on Monday afternoon may serve the rest of her life in prison.

Charges of murder, aggravated vehicular homicide, and drug possession stemmed from a collision that happened early on July 31, 2022, and Mackenzie Shirilla was put on trial for those crimes.

On Monday, the courtroom was completely packed. Some people who came to hear the decision were turned away. At the door, guards were stationed.

On all 12 counts, the judge, Nancy Margaret Russo, pronounced guilty verdicts.

She cited CCTV evidence showing Shirilla’s car speeding down the street at up to 100 mph right before the collision.

“This is the kind of proof you can never take away from you. The aural and visual components of this display are indelible. It is horrific and awful,” remarked Judge Russo.

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“The defendant’s intention and motive are made very obvious in the video. The decision she made that day was one of death and ruin. She changed from being a careful driver to becoming genuine hell on wheels.

The then-17-year-old allegedly pushed on the throttle, accelerated along a dead-end roadway in a Strongsville business park, and purposefully smashed into a brick wall, killing her boyfriend and another young man, according to Cuyahoga County prosecutors.

Tim Troup, an assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor, demonstrated security footage from the incident site and data collected from Shirilla’s car, arguing that “It shows strikingly 100% acceleration through the entire final five seconds.”

Mackenzie Shirilla Car Accident Video

Davion Flanagan, 19, a recent graduate of Strongsville High School, and Dominic Russo, Shirilla’s boyfriend, both perished in the collision.

“The evidence as a whole clearly shows that Mackenzie Shirilla behaved on purpose. This was murder, not careless driving, according to Judge Russo.

As Shrilla was being led away by sheriff’s deputies, her family members could be heard telling her they loved her.

On Monday, August 21, at 1 p.m., she will be sentenced. Shirilla’s defense lawyer is attempting to prevent her from receiving a life sentence for the alleged double murder by claiming that no one knows what took on inside that automobile.

Judge Russo was informed by James McDonnell that “it’s not clear, it’s not explicit to draw the inference that she acted purposely.”