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Greg Gutfeld responded Tuesday to Donald Trump and 18 others being indicted in Georgia for trying to overturn the 2020 election results by complaining that the former president simply “doesn’t deserve” it because “it’s all bullshit.”

The Fox News host, who was so dismissive of Trump’s third indictment just two weeks ago in Washington, D.C. that he responded to it by doodling on air, couldn’t help but interrupt his liberal colleague on The Five, Harold Ford, Jr., to state his grievances this time around.

Ford had been talking about how Monday’s indictment was Trump’s first in state court.

“This is what federalism allows states to do: to enforce their laws here,” Ford said. The 41-count indictment charges Trump and others with operating a criminal enterprise in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO.

“If [prosecutors] have evidence showing that his state of mind is different than what he claims, he’ll have more of a problem—” Ford said before Gutfeld interjected.

“You don’t think this is totally over the top?” he said.

“Everything you say makes sense, except it’s all bullshit!” Gutfeld exclaimed. “It’s all nonstop. We know this is designed to banish and isolate and destroy a political outsider.”

Ford, seemingly taken aback by his colleague’s response, asked him, “Do you not think he’s done anything to deserve any of this?”

At first, Gutfeld offered a more measured response, calling Trump “probably one of the most troubling, consequential figures in history.” But he then quickly shifted into “respect the audience” mode and defended Trump in one of the most unambiguous ways possible. “But no,” the Fox host said of the twice-impeached former president, “he doesn’t deserve any of this.”

Gutfeld’s remark was immediately followed by Jeanine Pirro’s attempt to argue that the timing of the indictment in Fulton County was suspicious.

“Why didn’t they indict him until he announced he was running for president?” she asked, nine months after Trump declared his candidacy.

Ford Jr. replied by saying that no matter when the indictment occurred, Trump’s supporters would drum up some reason to claim it was political in nature.

“If they had indicted him immediately, the answer might have been, ‘Well, you guys didn’t do a full investigation. How could you have done this?’”

Pirro’s counter argument that that was “baloney” didn’t convince co-host Dana Perino.

“[Trump] was always going to say something about anything. It was always going to be ‘Political!’ Or it was always going to be, ‘Too rushed!’ Or it was always going to be, ‘Too late!’” she said. “He was never going to say, ‘Oh actually, you know what? You guys caught me. You’re right.’ That was never going to be the case.”

Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis launched a criminal investigation into Trump’s election subversion efforts in February 2021.