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In the NFC Championship Game, all eyes will be on the two quarterbacks, both of whom rose from backup spots to spearhead an incredible offense.

The 49ers have managed to turn last year’s Mr Irrelevant into a bona fide star in Brock Purdy, while the Eagles have seen their 2020 choice to backuup Carson Wentz turn into one of the most eye-opening quarterbacks in the league.

Poised to become a superstar in his own right, Jalen Hurts has lit up the Eagles offense, at times accounting for their entire attacking capacity. Just two years ago, however, Philadelphia was all-in on Carson Wentz when they chose Hurts in the second round of the 2020 draft as a backup.

When Philly dumped Nick Foles for Wentz, they offered him a top-of-the-market contract and decided to grab Hurts as a cheap backup. Boy were the Eagles wrong.

Somehow, Wentz fell apart. The Eagles ate $34 million to get rid of him and Jalen Hurts stepped into the breach.

Jalen Hurts has become everything that an NFL quarterback should be, and then some. This budding star is still on the cheap end of the pay scale, and the Eagles will have to address this sooner rather than later.

The initial rookie contract that Hurts signed was worth $6,025,171 over four years. This equates to a base salary of $1,082,744, with a signing bonus of $485,486, making him an annual cash flow of $1,157,744. Hurts also got a workout bonus of $75,000 for the three seasons he played, giving him a total net worth of $6 million, perhaps the most undervalued player in the NFL.

A lot of attention has been paid to the fact that Brock Purdy was last year’s Mr Irrelevant, the last player chosen in the draft. But not too much should be read into that. At least he was drafted. Many NFL superstars went wanting in the draft only to prove their worth later in their career, Kurt Warner being the glowing example of that.

The 49ers had gone all-in on Trey Lance, with some truly Machiavellian moves surrounding his selection that involved signing Jimmy Garoppolo to a big-money contract, then letting him go, then re-signing him for less than that original contract. Real greaseball stuff.

In the midst of all of this, San Francisco needed a number three, and plumped for Brock Purdy out of Iowa State with the final draft pick. As such, they gave him a base salary of $705,000 per year and a $70,000 signing bonus. Over the length of his four-year contract, this will net him around $3.7 million.

And for a number three quarterback, that would be a pretty decent deal. But when Lance and Garoppolo both exited the season with injuries, suddenly Brock became the top guy at San Francisco. His play has been sizzling, and while he may not be as athletic as Jalen Hurts, he certainly has the football sense to know which guy to give the ball to.

A few extra endorsements came his way and his total net worth is in the region of $5 million. Not bad for a Mr Irrelevant, after all.