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Donald Trump indicted for fourth time

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Donald Trump and 18 of his allies have been indicted on a range of criminal charges relating to the former president’s attempts to alter Georgia‘s 2020 election results.

The former president described the extensive charge sheet produced by a grand jury in Fulton County as an attempt to stop him from running in next year’s election, writing on Truth Social that “the witch hunt continues”.

Mr Trump has been charged with 13 counts including racketeering, filing false documents, and attempting to coerce public officers to violate their oaths, according to court documents.

The charges mark the fourth major indictment against Trump in nearly as many months, and the second related directly to his actions during the 2020 election.

Prominent allies also charged over the Georgia plot include Trump lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Trump and the others named have been issued with arrest warrants and ordered to surrender by 25 August.

On Tuesday, the former president claimed that a “Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT” he will present at a news conference on Monday at his Bedminster golf club will exonerate him.


MSNBC couldn’t have scheduled this better…

Joe Sommerlad has the story.

Grinning former first lady and secretary of state insists ex-presidential rival’s legal woes bring her no satisfaction and represent a ‘terrible moment for our country’

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 19:20


Can Trump still run for president?

With potential convictions and judgments in both state and federal indictments and with multi-million dollar lawsuits to fight, what will the state of chaos mean for Mr Trump’s political future?

Trump faces federal indictments and criminal and civil cases in several states

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 19:00


Was Fulton County Court hacked leading to early release of charge sheet?

It was the URL heard around the world.

On Monday, a charge sheet announcing 13 counts against Donald Trump was briefly published online on the Fulton County court website – before being deleted just as quickly – kicking off rampant speculation about the looming indictment and instantly fuelling claims of foul play from the former president.

Josh Marcus reports for The Independent from San Francisco.

The charge sheet was published hours before the grand jury had voted to indict the former president and a group of his closest allies

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 18:40


Profile: Fani Willis, the Georgia prosecutor who could take down Trump

Alex Woodward reports on how the district attorney with a long history of targeting organised crime gangs has the former president in her sights.

A district attorney with a long history of targeting organised crime gangs has the former president in her sights, Alex Woodward reports

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 18:20


Voices: Trump, Giuliani, Meadows – this indictment is the biggest yet. And the most serious

The seriousness of these charges and the threat they pose to Trumpworld are the key takeaways here, but the hypocrisy and irony of these charges are also notable. Donald Trump and his alleged “criminal enterprise” were indicted with charges that they falsely accused others of committing in the 2020 election. It’s Donald Trump and his team who are being indicted for a conspiracy to commit voter fraud, not Democrats. It’s Donald Trump and his team who are being indicted for allegedly breaching voting machines, not Democrats. It’s Donald Trump and his team who were trying to steal the 2020 election, not Democrats.

The indictment doesn’t shy away from naming names

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 18:10


Trump called out for ‘racist dogwhistle’ in rant about Georgia charges

Critics of Donald Trump believe he may be using racist dog whistles while discussing Black litigators and political opponents in the wake of his latest indictment.

Mr Trump claims all will be revealed and his exoneration guaranteed after a presser next Monday

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 18:00


Voices: The biggest problem facing Donald Trump? His ‘mafia’ mouth

If his lawyers can’t keep him quiet, then Trump is in real trouble. And I know from years of covering his presidency for the BBC that nobody can restrain him for long…

If his lawyers can’t keep him quiet, then Trump is in real trouble, writes Jon Sopel. And I know from years of covering his presidency for the BBC that nobody can restrain him for long…

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 17:50


Meanwhile, Trump and co-defendants have until 25 August to turn themselves in

“Subsequent to the indictment, as is the normal process in Georgia law, the grand jury issues arrest warrants for those who were charged,” she told reporters on Monday night. “I am giving the defendants the opportunity to voluntarily surrender no later than noon on Friday the 25th day of August 2023.”

Former president given until 12pm on Friday to ‘voluntarily surrender’ to authorities

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 17:40


Georgia governor responds to Trump claim ‘irrefutable report’ will exonerate him

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has responded to Donald Trump’s claim that he has a “Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia” that will lead to his “complete EXONERATION” of the charges against him.

Mr Kemp wrote on X: “The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen.”

“For nearly three years now, anyone with evidence of fraud has failed to come forward — under oath — and prove anything in a court of law. Our elections in Georgia are secure, accessible, and fair and will continue to be as long as I am governor,” he continued.

“The future of our country is at stake in 2024 and that must be our focus,” the governor concluded.

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 17:30


Is this a hint of Trump’s defence to Georgia charges?

Vaughn Hillyard of NBC News has flagged an answer Donald Trump gave him over the weekend before the indictment dropped about his allies in Georgia — 18 of whom are now his co-defendants.

The former president began his response with the words: “Many of the allies I don’t know…”

Oliver O’Connell15 August 2023 17:20