Coin Master is a hybrid of a slot machine with strategy and collectible card game. Spin the machine to get coins, build your village, attack and rob other players’ villages, and protect your treasures!  Download Coin Master to learn how surprisingly amazing a slot based game can be.

Gameplay (4/5)

It starts like a virtual farm; you’re offered to start building your village in a quiet place. But then you suddenly realize that you need money for that. Well, here it is, the slot machine! Get your spins and use them to win money, protection shields, or attack hammers!

The more money you win, the faster you build and upgrade your village; and as you start the next one, the game takes you to the new level, with higher numbers of  free spins Coin Master. But the mechanics remains the same. Win a shield to protect your village; when it cracks under somebody’s attack, spin to win a new one. Spin to collect hammers; when you have them in a row, attack your neighbor’s village and select the building to ruin. If it’s protected, you’ll get much less than expected. Finally, rob the Coin Master, the richest pig in town; dog his land to find the treasure.

Coin Master game doesn’t require any skill or thinking ; you just need to restore your protection faster and complete building your villages before they’re smashed by your rivals. So spin, spin, spin. When out of free spins, you can buy some or get some as a reward for inviting your Facebook friends.

Controls (5/5)

There’s nothing to get confused about; it’s all about tapping the right spots in Coin Master  free spin. Not even a single gesture can get you embarrassed. Simple as can be; spin, build, attack, spin, rinse, repeat.

Replay Value (3/5)

Hardly will you have to replay the game. If you connect your account to Facebook, your progress will be stored, no need to restart Coin Master free spins. And if you don’t use Facebook for these sorts of entertainment, probably you’re not into it so deeply, and if you have to restart, you’d probably rather quit.

Graphics (3/5)

The coin master daily free spins is probably the best about this slot machine game, with its hypnotizing spinning wheel. The rest looks like a pale version of some Clash of Clans, deprived of its spectacular fights totally. But it’s quite okay for a pure time killer, meant to be compatible with old phones and tablets with  Coin Master Apk.

Sound (4/5)

The sounds are quite decent, with nothing annoying or irritating (unless you get a push notification in the middle of the night, so you better set up silent hours).

Conclusion (4/5)

Coin Master download game is good as a time killer, though it needs attention, for you not to miss your free spins and get all the shields and hammers you can. With no ambition of becoming a cult, it’s still very popular and compatible with old versions of Android, running quite well even on devices of 2013.

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